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Elio Receives Honorable Mention in Nightingale Awards at Healthcare Design Conference

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin


Elio LED Lighting, a division of ITC Incorporated, received an honorable mention for this year’s Nightingale Awards at the 2010 Healthcare Design Conference in Las Vegas for their innovative Illuminated Safety Handle. This year’s judges bestowed the award, citing the product as “a great start to an innovative and needed solution in the market.” The Illuminated Safety Handle was designed by ITC’s enterprising engineers to provide a resourceful solution to a needed area in the healthcare industry.

Designed with LEDs to initiate long product life & low energy consumption, the handle aids as an illuminated target in wayfinding and support for medical applications. With watertight construction, the handle can be used in varying applications throughout a healthcare facility providing functionality, safety, and lighting.

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