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Customer Advantages with Compel™ Purlite LED Lighting System

May 1st, 2017 by cassiel


Make The Decision A Simple Choice
Today, LED lighting can be seen nearly everywhere in shopping environments, amazon1 copy but that doesn’t mean they all provide an advantage to the sales process. Understanding the advantages of outstanding LED lighting for the case manufacturer, retailer, and the consumer can make the decision of using better LEDs a simple choice.

As an example of why using the best LEDs and fixtures can make a difference, the new Compel shelf light has superior light output that offers the advantages outlined below as well as seven size options up to 72 inches and multiple mounting options.

Clarity of lighting
There are three main factors that affect the clarity of the light output and the perceived value or quality of the consumer’s experience.

  •  High Color Rending Index (CRI). A high rating ensures the merchandise and packaging colors pop off the shelf. Compel has one of the highest ratings in the industry with a 90+ score out of 100 points, which represents merchandise in the most natural colors.
  • Kelvin Color Temperature. The color of the light combined with the CRI affects the presentation of merchandise. Using the right Kelvin for merchandise brings out the most appealing colors. Such as making strawberries a luscious red when they are under a 3000 Kelvin Compel.
  • MacAdam Ellipse. This is a technical measurement of the results of the binning process for LEDS. Binning sorts the LEDs into Kelvin color categories to ensure matching from fixture to fixture. Giving the shopping environment a consistent color of lighting. Only high quality chips such as the ones used in the Compel products, are tightly binned with MacAdam Ellipse standards.

Designing and Engineering
Vertical Freezer CroppedThe Compel lighting collection was designed and engineered with DesignLights Consortium (DLC) requirements in mind. To be certified by this independent agency, products must meet their high standards of quality and efficiency. DLC certified products may qualify for energy incentive rebates from participating utility and energy efficiency program members. Additionally, the Compel products are IP66 rated for protection from high pressure water jets, plus it is robust and sturdy to ensure a fixture that lasts as long as the long-life LEDs.
ITC’s process for producing LED fixtures, especially those using linear light engines like the Compel, has been very carefully designed to maximize the quality at each step in production. This includes the regulation of the amount and distribution of the solder and the prescribed cleaning intervals of the solder injectors. As well as the placement of the LEDs in a pattern and quantity that provides the perfect distribution of light output with the best utilization of materials.

Cost Savings
Amazon2Cost savings can be captured with both the energy saving LEDs and by the need to purchase less equipment when using Compel lighting. For example, Compel shelf lights provide at least 80 lumens of light per watt to reduce the number of power supplies needed to run the same quantity of light fixtures.

Cost savings can also be gained by the reduction of heat expelled when using high quality LEDs such as in the Compel lighting fixtures. 3.4 BTUs of heat is created by a single watt of energy used. Therefore, reducing the overall watts used will also lower the amount of heat produced. The reduction in heat from the lighting fixtures shortens the amount of time the compressor must run in a refrigerated case to maintain a consistent temperature. Less load on the compressor not only increases the longevity of the whole case but minimizes the amount of heat expelled into the shopping environment and reduces the overall HVAC costs for store owners. The same advantage is true for reducing the heat into the shopping environment for compel used on non-refrigerated shelving.

Combined Advantages
The Compel Lighting System can provide a clear advantage for shopping environments with quality of light output, energy cost savings, and a long useable life span.
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