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IllumaGrip Featured in November IIDA ADA Newsletter

July 22nd, 2014 by ifi-admin

Heathcare_IllumaGripsElio LED Lighting’s ADA Compliant IllumaGrip was recently featured in the Michigan chapter of IIDA’s November newsletter. The newsletter focused on ADA standards highlighting changes and new innovative products. Text from the feature can be read below:

The ADA Compliant LED IllumaGrip Assist Handle provides needed support in bathroom & bedside applications for the healthcare environment while providing needed illumination. The dual functionality of the product directly targets vital patient safety, vision, & support. Length & LED color options make the product a piece customizable to a variety of installations. The IllumaGrip is a top engineered product designed to enhance patient safety in a simple multifunctioning product.

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LEDS – Shedding Light on the Future of Retail Lighting

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

mikeLighted merchandise will attract consumers and in turn yield greater sales than non-lighted merchandise. However, choosing the optimal light fixture for an application requires an understanding of options. Today, retailers have a whole new set of options stemming from the advancement of LED technology. Proper application of the new LED technology can increase profitability. However, improper application may lead to disappointment. This article will identify several key components and concepts to consider when selecting one LED light over another or replacing a halogen or fluorescent fixture with an LED fixture.

The three big common benefits of using LED lighting in merchandise displays are: lower heat, longer life, and lower power consumption. The value of these benefits to retailers are several fold. First, the lower heat generation reduces the risk of product degradation and injury to workers while retrieving product in cases. Additionally, the replacement of multiple halogen and PAR 30 and 38 fixtures can reduce the ambient operating temperature of a store and thereby reduce air conditioning costs. Second, LEDs in luminaires often have a life of 50,000 hours or five times the life of fluorescents and twenty-five times the life of halogens. Hence, there will be less bulb replacement and less maintenance cost. Moreover, the longer life of LEDs reduces the risk that a display will be dark during critical selling periods because of a bulb failure. Third, the substantial reduction in power consumption of LED luminaires over halogen bulbs and some inefficient fluorescent fixtures will lead to lower energy costs for the retailer. These lower energy costs will yield net profit increases.

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Reducing Mecury in Lamps Saves Money

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

Ann_ErhardtMany organizations in West Michigan are affected by the increased cost of utilities and resources. They are also dealing with reduced operating budgets for their grounds and facilities. The current LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Version 2.2 (EBOM v2.2) standard proposes that by reducing or eliminating the mercury content of the lamps purchased for your facility, you will not only have a positive impact on the environment — you will also see a reduction in bottom-line operating costs.

The LEED Materials & Resources Credit 4 makes three valid points for your business case to replace conventional lamps with low-mercury lamps:

1) Low-mercury can be comparable or slightly higher in cost than conventional lamps, but they may also have a longer life and a higher lumen output than conventional.

2) Mercury-free lamps, such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), can have a much higher lumen output and use significantly less energy. The cost per lamp may be higher, sometimes up to 10 times higher than lamps containing mercury, but overall there will be a positive impact on your bottom line with reduced utility bills.

3) The return on investment of purchasing LEDs or other low-mercury lamps can be justified, as they often outperform conventional, incandescent and even compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). For example, LEDs have a 10- to 15-year life span, which will keep re-fixturing costs down over their lifetime. Due to the lamp’s minimal heat output, energy costs to air-condition the area also will be reduced.

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Herman Miller Lights Receive Excellence Awards

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

hermanmiller_logoCongratulations to our customer Herman Miller on their recent award for LED lighting products. Below is the recent article recognizing Herman Miller in the Holland Sentinel.

Herman Miller Inc.’s Ardea light has earned both Gold and Silver honors from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), while the Twist LED task light earned dual Bronze awards. The products and their awards across multiple categories secured a place for Herman Miller among the top corporate winners for 2010 and also for the past five years.

2010 marks the 30th year of the annual competition, which recognizes design excellence in products, eco design, research, strategy, packaging, interactive design and concepts.

Herman Miller’s Ardea and Twist lights were selected among 1,900 product entries from 29 countries. Ardea took top honors in the Eco design and Home Living categories. The Twist LED task light won recognition both in the Eco design and Office & Productivity categories.

The Holland Sentinel is located at 54 W 8th Street Holland, MI 49423

Elio™ LED Lighting Adds UL Listing to Current ETL Listing

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

ul_logoElio™ recently received the UL Listing from Underwriters Laboratory recognizing the high safety and quality produced in elio’s™ linear lighting products. Working to improve safety standards in living and working environments, UL promotes engineering quality through certifications to products that meet that objective. By means of superior innovation and high engineering standards, elio™ LED linear lighting is proud to provide its customers the recently added UL Listing to its line of LED energy efficient lighting products.

The investment made by ITC Incorporated’s elio™ LED lighting division to register it’s linear products with an additional listing to its current ETL listing, provides customers not only confidence in the quality of our products, but in their safety as well. Used in retail display lighting, office applications, task lighting, and display case manufacturing, linear lighting provides an efficient lighting option. High quality color rendering, a quick return on investment, and lower energy bills also push elio™ lighting to the front of lighting options for our customers in addition to its multiple safety & quality listings.

For more information regarding how UL listings are obtained and their components, please visit for more information. To obtain a quote of a lighting project for your next project, visit our Contact page on our website to get in touch with one of our dedicated professionals.

Media Contact: Terese Acou
P: 616.396.1355

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Elio to Attend Healthcare Show in Chicago

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

healthcare_Facilities_Expo_LogoElio™ is bringing its LED lighting products to the health care industry next week at Chicago’s Heathcare Facilities Symposium and Expo at Navy Pier. By harnessing the power of LEDs into application specific designs, elio™ offers companies in the healthcare industry the opportunity to reduce operational costs, create a functional working space, and minimize their impact on the environment.

The show brings together varying decision makers including designers, facility managers, and construction & planning teams designing the next phase of healthcare. With the technology of LEDs taking shape and becoming readily available, lighting options have increased with much discussion and opportunity. Elio™ takes pride in its products offering safety certifications and tested lumen output, color rendering, and wattage usage. The fit for LEDs in the healthcare industry is ideal as they offer noteworthy performance and function.

“LED lighting is a huge opportunity for businesses in the healthcare industry. It not only brings significant cost savings from an operational standpoint but it’s also a better investment for the future wellbeing of our society. LEDs have significantly less environmental impact through reduced energy consumption and no UV emissions in addition to containing no mercury or lead. Elio™ LED lighting is a golden opportunity for healthcare with benefits seen after the first use.”

– Robert Van Driel. Industrial Sales Manager for ITC

For more information on elio™ LED lighting for the healthcare industry, please visit us at the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo in Chicago next week. If you or your organization is unable to attend the healthcare show but would like more information on elio™, please contact Robert Van Driel at 616-396-1152 to discuss elio™ LED lighting in your next project.

Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo Show Information
Dates: September 14-16, 2010
Location: Navy Pier – Chicago, IL
Phone: 203-371-6322

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Elio Supplies its 20th NACTA Store with LED Lighting

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

NACTAElio™ LED Lighting, a division of ITC Incorporated, recently supplied its 20th NACTA store, “All Irish Imports” in New Jersey, with energy efficient, high quality lighting. With easy to install fixtures and lighting kits crafted especially for Belleek & Solvar cases, elio lighting continues to be an easy choice for NACTA member’s retail needs.

Current NACTA members Neville Gardner & Michael Cox have installed elio LED lighting in their stores and have seen noticeable results. Michael Cox told our elio team that, “The store increased jewelry sales four weeks after installing elio by about 35%… I wonder why?” Neville told our team that:

“The difference was night and day. I reduced the heat and electricity in my displays while getting a higher quality light. I reduced the wattage from 300 watts to 30 watts in just one display case! My jewelry now sparkles which I know will help sell more product. The best is that I will no longer constantly be changing light bulbs since this LED lighting system is rated for 50,000 hours. That long life and the fact that its mercury free makes it environmentally friendly – and that’s important to me also.”

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Elio Receives Honorable Mention in Nightingale Awards at Healthcare Design Conference

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin


Elio LED Lighting, a division of ITC Incorporated, received an honorable mention for this year’s Nightingale Awards at the 2010 Healthcare Design Conference in Las Vegas for their innovative Illuminated Safety Handle. This year’s judges bestowed the award, citing the product as “a great start to an innovative and needed solution in the market.” The Illuminated Safety Handle was designed by ITC’s enterprising engineers to provide a resourceful solution to a needed area in the healthcare industry.

Designed with LEDs to initiate long product life & low energy consumption, the handle aids as an illuminated target in wayfinding and support for medical applications. With watertight construction, the handle can be used in varying applications throughout a healthcare facility providing functionality, safety, and lighting.

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Innovative LED IllumaGrip Gaining Attention in Healthcare Industry

July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

IllumaGrip_4_ScrewJanuary 13, 2011 – The innovative IllumaGrip™ by elio™ enhances the standard safety handle into a dual functioning safety handle & lighting fixture. Engineered for installation in patient rooms and restrooms, the handle installs in areas where support & illumination become vital to patient safety and care. With its sleek design and unique characteristics, the IllumaGrip is grabbing attention and recognition.

At this past year’s Healthcare Show in Las Vegas, the IllumaGrip received an honorable mention during the 2010 Nightingale Awards recognition as featured in Contract Magazine. The functionality, environmental sustainability qualities, and durability of the product positioned it as a top item of the show among the awards winners.

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July 21st, 2014 by ifi-admin

NACTANACTA is a trade group of Irish stores and we showed at their trade show last year and have gained quite a few sales as a result.

An interesting product has come to our attention which we believe will be a welcome discovery for retailers – especially jewelry retailers. We have Bob Podrasky to thank for this – Bob recently served as a consultant in a merchandising program for Celtic Stores sponsored by Enterprise Ireland. “Showcase lighting (or lack there-of) is an issue in many of the Irish / Celtic stores I have visited” says Bob. “Based on that, I did some research, with a goal to find lighting that would be affordable, be bright white (vs. yellowish which washes out jewelry) and be cool to the touch. I’m happy to report I met with a company that has developed exactly what I see as a solution for the Irish stores. This company has been in the lighting business for 27 years. Their new LED lighting has been tested by a company I know well, Diamonds International. They’re in all Caribbean Cruise Ship Ports. Their requirement was to have lighting as close to pure white as possible, to brilliantly illuminate the diamonds and be as cool as possible, as the heat from existing lights causes problems with their product. These new LED lights make jewelry cases absolutely sparkle!”

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